Frequently Asked Questions

Who gets the domain (DNS Name Server) traffic during the term of the deal?

You do. We do not modify the DNS unless you ask us to.

Do you do a credit check?

No, we base all cash advance amounts on the value of the collateral. We do not ask for your social security number.

Does it matter what country I am in?

No, because we do collateralized lending you can be anywhere.

What happens if I default and can’t pay?

If you don’t pay your interest or pay off the debt, you could lose your collateral. There will be no other consequences as we do not pursue you or report you.

“How much will you lend me on my names?” or “How did you come up with that amount?” or “Tell me more about your lending criteria so I know which names to submit to you.”

We often get asked about our appraisal process. Customers want to know what types of domains we lend against. They’ll ask for examples and for us to explain how we came up with the numbers. We’ve put together this short explanation in the hopes of making it easier to understand.

inteLend can’t lend more than the assets are worth in a wholesale market. That’s it. That’s really the whole story. Ask yourself what your names would sell for at auction if you had to liquidate them. That’s what we are going to be asking ourselves. After all, if our customer doesn’t pay us, that’s exactly what we have to do. We have to auction the name off to get our funds back. It’s no more complicated than that.

We understand that it can be frustrating. You may own and you may even have an appraisal that’s far and above what we tell you we can lend against it. Neither you nor the appraisal are wrong. It could and should retail for more. Here’s the problem. inteLend isn’t in the business of buying and holding names until we find a retail buyer. That’s your business. Our business is lending cash and when that cash stops earning interest, we need it back so we can lend it to someone else.

Who is the registrant during the term of the deal?

We are. We have to become the registrant to secure our interests. If you would like us to privacy protect the name, please ask. We’d be happy to do so.