About inteLend

inteLend.com was founded by Matthew P. Collins with a simple mission: to provide financial and capital options for individuals and companies that own valuable domains, patents and other intellectual property. inteLend.com prides itself on providing superior customer service by offering unparalleled turnaround on asset evaluation which leads to a faster advance of funds to inteLend clients.

Mr. Collins has a long history of involvement in internet based businesses including domain related businesses almost since the inception of the internet. Most of Mr. Collins’ work has been as a practicing attorney serving as legal counsel for many successful ecommerce companies. The Collins Law Firm provides a wide array of legal services to businesses involved in ecommerce, domains and other businesses involved in the internet.

Mr. Collins has owned a variety of internet based businesses including his involvement in founding digital financing company DigiPawn. Mr. Collins founded inteLend.com to take advantage of the desire for capital options from companies and individuals who own valuable domains, patents or other intellectual property often shunned by traditional lenders.

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